Metacognition: Role Models

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Have you ever tried to be more like a video game character/drawn inspiration from them?

I think I mentioned before how I role-played as myself the first time I played Dragon Age: Origins, and how important that playthrough was. But I think in regards to looking up to a character, it was, embarrassingly enough, another Warden I created. Her name was Renya Mahariel, and I made her into the person I wanted to be. I think I played Origins perhaps three times over the course of about 10 days (not something I’m proud of), and she was my third playthrough.


It seems somewhat self-indulgent to say that I look up to a character that I created, but there was a lot of “stuff” I poured into her story and at the end of the day wound up gaining a lot of comfort from her existence. It was, I see now, a way to hold up a concrete example of the person I wanted to be and a person I could be, instead of relying on an abstract, “Gee, I could probably do/think/be like this.”

If I were to pick a character that I really wanted to be like that I hadn’t created, I would at one point have said Solid Snake. Nothing hurt that guy, and he held onto any and all pain stoically. He “angst”ed alone, and it was something that teenage me definitely related to and wanted to emulate. I looked up to Snake and wanted to be strong like him (especially during a time when I felt very helpless), and so looking up to the gruff soldier who, underneath it all, had a beating heart was very appealing.


Nowadays, if I had to choose, I’d probably say someone like Samantha Traynor for Mass Effect 3 would be a role-model of sorts. I definitely identify with her nerdiness and social awkwardness, but I loved that she was just so likeable anyway. She was unapologetically who she was, and when she loved people, she loved them without judgment and without asking for anything in return except their own affections (I’d just like to mention here that she is the only romance option who doesn’t have some sort of sidequest).


And she also has great dance moves.

Image result for traynor dancing gif

That might seem like an unreachable ideal, but I do think it’s one worth striving for.

What about you? Do you have a game character (either one you created or not) that you have tried to be more like? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you soon!

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  1. I would pick Joker from Persona 5. When I played that game for the first time I was sick with acid reflux and Joker reminded me that the important to remember when going through tough times is that you have friends and support behind you and everything will be okay. So when I’m not feeling well or just need comforting I play that game to remind me that everything will be okay! Joker is able to handle whatever life throws at him because he has great friends and strong will power!

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  2. I try to respect all video game characters, even if I don’t personally care for them. You never know how special they might be to someone else, eh? I think video games give us special connections with characters on a level that other forms of media can’t quite reach. We actually visit the virtual worlds they occupy!

    Also, Renya, Snake, and Traynor are total badasses 😎 Great role model choices!

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    1. That’s a great and inclusive stance you have there, my friend. At the end of the day we each form our own relationships with characters and worlds and it’s silly to judge another persons’.

      And yes, they are 😛 Haha thank you! Glad you appreciate my picks!

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