Metacognition: Thank the Maker It’s Over

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Is there one game you were glad about it finally being over?

No. At least, not how most people would read this question.

y u give cryptic answer?

Because it’s true! I’ve actually never gotten to the end of a game and been relieved it was finally over, at least because I disliked it.

So… what does that actually mean?

Well, I was sort of relieved when I decided to throw in the towel for Kingdom Come: Deliverancenot because it was a bad game, but because I got such bad first-person sickness it wasn’t fun to play, but I felt obligated because of Year of the RPG to continue. It was a physical relief when I decided to move on.

Another example would be the Prey demo, again not because I didn’t enjoy myself but because my nerves couldn’t take much more of the stress from first-person plus horror.

Interestingly, I did not have that experience with Until Dawn although I suspect that is because of the switch from jump-scare horror to the more psychological variety, and I have better endurance for that sort of thing. Also, no first-person…

Image result for disgusted noise

Otherwise, games I don’t particularly enjoy playing are rarely finished. I perused my game shelves and there is not one game I played to the end and then felt relieved that it was over. I can’t imagine playing a game to the end that would garner such a reaction. Honestly, until this question, I would have never really thought about that at all.

What about you? Have you ever been thankful a game was over? Why did you keep playing it? What game was it? Would you recommend it? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you soon!

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  1. That’s an interesting one. In some regards you could say I was glad it was over as I was very satisfied with the conclusion. On the other hand, I was glad when I finally finished Alien: Isolation because I felt it was 5-10 hours too long! Perhaps a really unsettling horror game would be a good option here if you were glad the ordeal was over.

    It’s difficult to answer as there are so many reasons why you could be glad a game was over. If I wasn’t enjoying it though, I’d probably just switch it off!

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    1. Oh no! Yeah I can imagine how good it feels to finish a game when you’re sitting there going “Is it over yet??” even if it has a good ending.

      I agree. I think that’s why there are so few games that I really feel *glad* they are over!

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  2. Sonic Mania. As much as I enjoyed it, I get headaches and slight vision blur when playing it. I don’t know why. When I started playing it, it was fine, then after one of the updates, I started getting the issues. Hence I haven’t purchased the DLC yet. Which sucks because it’s DLC that I’d actually be itnerested in.
    I’ve never finished a game I disliked though. I tend to jsut switch off if i’m not enjoying.

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    1. Ooo I am sadly behind on Sonic games, but yikes that sounds horrible. I get first-person sickness so I do know the disappointment of not being able to play a game even if you think you’d like it.

      That’s fair, and I am the same way. Most games I don’t like, I don’t finish.


  3. Resident Evil 6. I love the RE series but part six nearly put me down. It wasn’t good and I couldn’t believe how not good it was that I convinced myself it would eventually get better because… it had to. It didn’t and it dragged on for nearly 30 hours. I was so glad when it was over but more as a badge of honor, I finished the RE6 and no one can take that away from me or attempt to discount my opinion (which isn’t a good one) on it.

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  4. This happened to me with Illusion of Gaia. I liked the action but nothing about the game’s story. When it was finally done, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. It was extra disappointing because so many people hyped it up to be a really great game but I didn’t love it even a little bit.

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  5. Final Fantasy IV was this for me! It was my first classic Final Fantasy game, and damn, it really doesn’t want you to beat it… Unfair tricks are all over the place. And I remember the last floors in the final area were all boss level random encounters… it was intense and I was so happy when I beat it, never having to see those floors again (still not sure how I made it, haha). Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed the game. It was just really nice to have the challenge over with. 🙂

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