In Appreciation of the Always Awesome: Adventure Rules

A huge thank you to Ian for organizing another great Blogger Blitz! Here’s another unexpected team-up! 😉

Livid Lightning

Wannabe Writer’s note: Most images in this post were shamelessly stolen from Adventure Rules. This post is all about his site so I hope he doesn’t mind!

I’ve not been in a writing new content mood lately, not gonna lie. I’ve been riding the “re-posting of content from my old site” train a lot, which is great for me! But Chris of Overthinker Y had a cool idea to do a community collaboration in honor of the great Blogger Blitz Host – Ian of Adventure Rules. I can definitely find some words for that.

For those of you unaware, Ian runs a now annual (I think, right?) event on his website where bloggers go against each other in a writing competition, picking video game characters and writing them through freaking crazy scenarios. Oh and being judged by a jury of judgey little punks… yep, Blogger Blitz is hella…

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  1. Haha, the two of you never disappoint with your team-ups! Thank you so much, Athena. It was great seeing you as a competitor this year and both Blogger Blitz’s have been better for having you in them.

    Oh, and uh, thanks to Marjolaine for her impassioned Orlesian compliments! I think…

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