Year of the RPG: Kingdom Come, Delivered, Part II

Another knock on the door, this one in the middle of the night. Do these messengers ever sleep? Athena grumbles as she stumbles over to the great wooden doors, half asleep, and opens it. Blinking into the dark, another note is pressed into her hand, and the deliveryman leaves without a word. Athena yawns and rubs her eyes as she opens the letter and begins to read.

To Athena, patron of adventurers, and friend to Henry, from Teresa of Skalitz, greetings.

Kingdom Come_ Deliverance_20180331203415.jpg

I pray this letter finds you in good health, and that your endeavors have been successful as of late, and that God may continue to look favorably upon you. I write to you on behalf of my friend, Henry, son of the blacksmith.

He came to see me the other day, and it was wonderful to be able to get some time away from the mill and just talk. We even raced to the lake; I thought he would let me win, but he didn’t, the rascal. He’s been taken into the service of Lord Radzig, and… I’m getting ahead of my self, aren’t I?

Kingdom Come_ Deliverance_20180428063102.jpg

It turns out his “few errands” turned into accompanying Sir Hans Capon on a hunting trip – something about learning to behave in front of royalty, which doesn’t surprise me. Henry is a kind fellow, but speaks his mind and has been known to push a little too much. Got him into a spot of trouble in Skalitz with Kuresh, the old drunk. Henry managed to solve that problem with his fists, but you can’t go around punching nobility.

At any rate, I heard he got a bit of a guard duty spot with the Nightingale in Rattay, and broke up a few fights before deciding to try and uphold the law against Sir Hans. Luckily Sir Hanush arrived and scolded both of them, and Henry was sent on an errand with Sir Hans. Neither were too happy about this; I fear a bit of a rivalry sprung up between them, what with Sir Hans’s remarks about Skalitz. Poor Henry is still quick to anger when it comes to that disaster. Understandably so, but against a noble-!

Kingdom Come_ Deliverance_20180420211835.jpg

Still, Sir Hans took Henry on a hunt, and – God forgive me for my smug smile – Henry bested the noble. Can you believe it? The son of a blacksmith, out-hunting a noble with a bow and arrow! Truth be told, I saw him practicing and… well it’s a wonder he hit anything at all. He otherwise literally cannot hit the broad side of a barn.

At any rate, Henry found himself in a bit of a bind when Sir Hans ran off and got himself captured.

Kingdom Come_ Deliverance_20180425042445.jpg

Henry said that he planned to attack boldly, but I know him better. He tried to sneak around from the back of the camp, got himself turned around, and alerted the bandits to his presence. But he did manage to fight off the two men single-handedly before untying Sir Hans and bringing him back to Rattay.

Kingdom Come_ Deliverance_20180425043635.jpg

Upon his return, Lord Radzig complimented Henry on his fortitude, and his loyalty to his liege, and immediately took him under his service! Henry downplays this, of course, but he seems happy with his current position.

Kingdom Come_ Deliverance_20180425043857.jpg

Well, I say he his happy with his current position, and I mean to say that he is glad to be in the service of Lord Radzig. He was sent on a mission with the guards and… well Henry wouldn’t share the details, but he said before he travels any further, he wishes for more swordsmanship training and so will be returning to Rattay in order to prepare himself for whatever fight he fears he is facing.

Kingdom Come_ Deliverance_20180427170527.jpg

Whatever it was, he passed through here horribly bruised and cut. I worry for him, and hope he can find help to accompany him.

Sadly, Henry is still suffering from a strange ailment that none seem to have a cure for: he complains of headaches and feeling ill. At first I thought it had something to do with a weak stomach for sword fighting, but it occurs at the strangest times, like when he must sit, stand, or even lie down. I heard him groaning once after even looking around quickly. It really is a sorry state, and I hope someone can find a cure for his mysterious ailment.

I hear his horse approaching, and so I must cut this letter short. Hopefully this letter will arrive safely, and perhaps you will be able to send your own help our way. Poor Henry has lost so much; it would certainly be a blessing for his journey to find his father’s sword come to a happy end.

…and perhaps ours, as well?

Kingdom Come_ Deliverance_20180428063226.jpg

Your servant,

Athena folded the letter, looking thoughtful. She had heard of this illness before, but had no cure or advice to offer on it. With a sad shake of her head, she hoped that Henry’s journey wouldn’t be forced to come to an abrupt end…


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