Metacognition: Unexpected Fun

We’re back with our “thinking about thinking” series! If you’re interested in our previous deep thoughts, check out the Metacognition series.  Join us for some deep thoughts (and maybe the occasional not-so-deep thought) about gaming. If you find one you’d like to answer, you can either comment below or write a post and share the link so we can all read your fantastic thoughts!

What is one mechanic that you didn’t like at first, but have come to appreciate?

Interestingly enough, I’d have to say quick-time events.

Image result for torch and pitchfork gif

I know, I know. QTEs (which, ironically, sounds like “cuties” if you say it fast enough) are often considered a dirty word in gaming. After all the players should be the ones learning and executing those awesome moves happening on-screen!

And I have avoided games because they have been reported to have lots of QTEs in them, like Kindgoms of Amalur: Reckoning, which otherwise looks like a game I’d enjoy.

But then something happened. Two somethings, to be exact.

Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human™_20180702022802

and Until Dawn.

Until Dawn™_20180928000221

My only exposure to quick-time events had, until these games, been of the “Press X to not die” variety. But man, I never knew following on-screen prompts set on a timer could be so intense. I spoke about the QTEs in the Interesting Case reviews of these games, but even though a majority of the action was just following the button presses on-screen, I was hooked. Sure, I was a little sad that my focus was on watching for the next button-press and so I often missed the actual action, but usually the movements were big enough that I got the gist of it.

Although “Press X to wash dishes” is still probably my favorite 😉


What about you? What game mechanic (if any) did you start of hating and come to appreciate, if not completely like it? Or do you still dislike it? What is your opinion on QTEs? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you soon!

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  1. Off he top of my head, i’m sturggling to think of a mechanic that I hated then didn’t. In terms fo QTEs though, I don’t mind them if they’re well placed. I’d rather that they weren’t the entire game, but throw a couple in at interesting times and i’ll enjoy them, even if they’re fairly simple in nature.

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  2. I’m still working on my secret “Press X to wash the dishes” patch for reality… don’t tell anyone. I’m gonna be rich!! Ahem. 🙂

    For me, it’s durability mechanics in games. I HATE having my badass weapons and armor get destroyed because they need repairing and whatnot. It’s a “realistic” micromanaging mechanic that I don’t find ANY enjoyment in dealing with. Breath of the Wild has the absolute worst implementation of this I’ve ever seen in any game. I can usually learn to live with it in games like the Witcher 3 and the Fire Emblems series. But in BoTW, it’s seriously like 2 hits and the damn weapon is gone. Gr!!

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  3. I didn’t like the Junction System in Final Fantasy VIII the first time I played it, but that was probably due to misunderstanding than anything else. Now I love it because I know how to exploit it hehe. I’m slowly starting to hate action RPGs less but I still greatly prefer turn based.

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    1. Final Fantasy VIII seems like one of those games that people either love or hate, so it’s interesting that you bring it up. Although I am totally not biased at all when I say I’m glad action RPGs are starting to grow on you… 😉

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      1. It really is. It’s one of those polarizing games. Most people really like VI and VII but I think VIII’s battle system kind of threw them and I’ve heard complaints about the characters (that I don’t really agree with). I like that Squeenix always tries new things though.

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