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Hello, internet!

LightningEllen here and still filling in for the almighty Goddess of Wisdom while she takes a well-deserved break from writing brilliant articles here on AmbiGaming. Warning: I’m certainly not a great Athena substitute, but I’ll be babbling at my best during this blog-sitting gig, eh!

Oh and happy day 2 of 2019, everyone! I’m still looking back at the previous year in gaming and thinking to myself – “Damn! There were a lot of cool games released in 2018…. and I never got to play so many of them.” Seriously, though! What happened to 2018?? I blinked and it was gone….

But yeah, I’m definitely grateful I got to spend 2018 in several glorious game worlds I’ve been missing out on for so long (the entire Mass Effect series (blaming Athena), Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (also partially Athena’s fault), Dragon Age: Inquisition (yep, that’s on Athena too). I did get a chance to play Detroit: Become Human and managed to beat Mega Man 11. That’s at least something from this past year!

After much pondering, I’ve discovered the root cause of my dilemma is that I have a pretty bad backlog problem. I’m shocked! And I’m sure it’ll likely be 2025 before I get to 2018’s greatest releases (if I’m lucky enough to be alive and gaming by then). There are just SO MANY good games out there that I wanna play. And SO MANY of those are lengthy open world RPGs which take FOREVER to beat. And the game releases NEVER STOP. Ahem. Sorry. I’ll stop shouting with the all caps words now.

I’m just going to have to accept that I’m not going to get to play nearly everything that I want to. It’s the sad fact of my gamer life. It’s best for my fragile sanity if I just focus on a few titles I have a good feeling about, and then go from there while trying to ignore new releases.

A weird little quirk of mine is that I try to know as little as I can about the games I’ve decided I want to play. This is actually really hard to do when you have an online social network of gamers you interact with regularly, let me tell you. Even an innocently posted screenshot on Twitter, for example, can instantly ruin an entire game for me (and yes, it has happened the past).

For me, half the fun of gaming is figuring out a particular game’s style on my own. Going in with zero expectations makes the virtual journey much more rewarding to this gamer. For that reason, even reading a spoiler-free review of a game I’ve set my heart on can diminish the entire experience for me.

Ignoring my insurmountable backlog, I’ve decided to pick 4 cool games I know very little about (luckily) and make it my 2019 Gamer’s Resolution to play them before they accidentally get all spoiled for me. But why did I choose these games at the top of my massive To Play list? I’m going to describe why I decided I wanna play them based on what little I know about them!

God of War (2018)

God of War
I’m interested to see what all these “Boy!!” memes are about.

I’m actually new to the entire God of War series and this latest one seems like a good place to start. I know almost nothing about the story or gameplay, but I’ve always been a casual fan of mythology themes. And let’s face it, Kratos seems like a total badass which has me sold right there. As a bonus I already scooped up a copy of this game for super cheap. It pays to wait sometimes.

Spider-man (2018)

The flood of Spidey-selfies on Twitter during launch day was a sight to see.

I thoroughly enjoyed the last epic open world Spider-man game I played on the PS2. Freely swinging across the city was fun back then so I can only imagine how amazing this PS4 version will be. I’m not a huge comic book character fan, but I’d like to pay a little tribute to the late great Stan Lee by making Spider-man a priority in 2019. I’ve also heard lots of people claiming this gem to be their very first Platinum trophy. I love collecting those….

Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI
Will Terra be cooler to me than Lightning? Doubtful but nothing’s impossible!

Or is it Final Fantasy III? Confusing numbering scheme caused by regional differences aside, it’s the SNES one with Terra and Kefka. This is the pinnacle of Final Fantasy awesomeness according to many hardcore Final Fantasy fans on the internet. Seriously. It’s a true miracle I know so little about this hella popular classic game, still. I’m not taking any more chances so I need to get around to playing the game this year.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Assassin's Creed Syndicate
There’s a very high probability that Evie Frye will become one of my gaming sheroes.

I was once a huge fan of the Assassin’s Creed series. I was madly in love with the overall story and characters up until Unity. I didn’t hate Unity, by any means, but the almost mandatory multiplayer elements didn’t sit well with this solo gamer. Plus Arno the Assassin’s story just wasn’t all that interesting to me (sorry, dude). It seems Ubisoft really turned the series around lately so I want to jump back in with the earliest AC game I haven’t played yet. Oh and I actually have plastic statue figures of Evie and Jacob, the Assassin twin sibling protagonists, purely because the both look so badass. Now I need to see their story in action!

Four games in a year isn’t an unreasonable goal, right? I think I can do this! I’ve learned in the past not to make my gaming goals too grand, else I give up on them and fail fairly quickly. Gaming should always be fun above all else. And this year I’m going to have fun playing these four games that look really awesome! I’m not going to drown in my backlog anymore.

What about you, internet? Do you like knowing as little as possible about games before playing? What games are you planning on playing in 2019? I’m interested (and kinda sad) to find out how many million other games I’m missing out on.
Thanks for reading!
~ LightningEllen

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    1. So true! It’s almost impossible to avoid knowing things about games these days. The internet is full of unmarked spoilers. 😦

      And now I want to play The Outer Worlds, haha. Sounds really cool! Some other big games coming out soon are the RE2 Remake (pumped for that personally), and Kingdom Hearts III (not into the series… yet). Oh and FromSoftware’s new game (Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice) seems like it’ll be neat. My poor backlog….


  1. After the millions of articles about Fallout 76 and Red Dead Redemption II in late 2018, I’m completely staying away from any spoilers for all games in 2019. It’s far better to enjoy them for yourself rather than reading far too much about them.

    Detroit is first up for me this year. I look forward to comparing notes soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hear ya! Some games have definitely been ruined for me by all the hype.

      Yay! I just finished my Platinum Trophy quest in Detroit. Excited to hear what you think of the game 🙂


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