Blogger Blitz: Match Maker – Link vs. The Joker

Adventure Rules

Hello, adventurers, and welcome to the final match of Blogger Blitz round one! Multiple bloggers have faced off in competitions both wacky and dangerous, and now it has come time for our final match before the semifinals. Last week The Well-Red Mage was dancing with himself, but now we’re back to a traditional versus match with all five judges ready to bring their thoughts on these two talented bloggers. And this week’s competition is all about the best thing in life: sweet, sweet lovin’.

If you are somehow not familiar with the rules, here’s a primer. Opponents and the events they are competing in were decided by a random drawing. On Monday, each blogger in the competition presented their argument for why their character would win. If you missed those, it’s good to be familiar with them before seeing the final results, so go read up on Link

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  1. “Girl, if you were a vegetable, you’d be a cute-cumber!” I needed that laugh and it sounded like a pick-up line a BioWare character would say 😂 I don’t care who wins in the end, Ian is the ultimate champion!

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